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==[[Tiny Lights Tour]]==
==[[Tiny Lights Tour]] ({{#ask: [[Category:Gigography]] [[tour::Tiny Lights Tour]] |format=count}} shows)==
==[[Lilith Fair Tour]]==
==[[Lilith Fair Tour]] ({{#ask: [[Category:Gigography]] [[tour::Lilith Fair Tour]] |format=count}} shows)==
==[[Spirit World Tour]]==
==[[Spirit World Tour]] ({{#ask: [[Category:Gigography]] [[tour::Spirit World Tour]] |format=count}} shows)==
==[[This Way World Tour]]==
==[[This Way World Tour]] ({{#ask: [[Category:Gigography]] [[tour::This Way World Tour]] |format=count}} shows)==
==[[The New Wild West Acoustic Tour]]==
==[[The New Wild West Acoustic Tour]] ({{#ask: [[Category:Gigography]] [[tour::The New Wild West Acoustic Tour]] |format=count}} shows)==
==[[0304 Acoustic Tour]]==
==[[0304 Acoustic Tour]] ({{#ask: [[Category:Gigography]] [[tour::0304 Acoustic Tour]] |format=count}} shows)==
==[[Tour for No Reason]]==
==[[Tour for No Reason]] ({{#ask: [[Category:Gigography]] [[tour::Tour for No Reason]] |format=count}} shows)==
==[[Rob Thomas's Something to Be Tour]]==
==[[Rob Thomas's Something to Be Tour]] ({{#ask: [[Category:Gigography]] [[tour::Rob Thomas's Something to Be Tour]] |format=count}} shows)==
==[[Goodbye Alice in Wonderland Tour]]==
==[[Goodbye Alice in Wonderland Tour]] ({{#ask: [[Category:Gigography]] [[tour::Goodbye Alice in Wonderland Tour]] |format=count}} shows)==
==[[Paisley Party Tour]]==
==[[Paisley Party Tour]] ({{#ask: [[Category:Gigography]] [[tour::Paisley Party Tour]] |format=count}} shows)==
==[[Perfectly Clear Acoustic Tour]]==
==[[Perfectly Clear Acoustic Tour]] ({{#ask: [[Category:Gigography]] [[tour::Perfectly Clear Acoustic Tour]] |format=count}} shows)==
==[[Star Light Café Tour]]==
==[[Star Light Café Tour]] ({{#ask: [[Category:Gigography]] [[tour::Star Light Café Tour]] |format=count}} shows)==
==[[Greatest Hits Tour]]==
==[[Greatest Hits Tour]] ({{#ask: [[Category:Gigography]] [[tour::Greatest Hits Tour]] |format=count}} shows)==
==[[Picking Up the Pieces Tour]]==
==[[Picking Up the Pieces Tour]] ({{#ask: [[Category:Gigography]] [[tour::Picking Up the Pieces Tour]] |format=count}} shows)==

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Tiny Lights Tour (31 shows)

Lilith Fair Tour (23 shows)

Spirit World Tour (45 shows)

This Way World Tour (47 shows)

The New Wild West Acoustic Tour (40 shows)

0304 Acoustic Tour (76 shows)

Tour for No Reason (20 shows)

Rob Thomas's Something to Be Tour (26 shows)

Goodbye Alice in Wonderland Tour (4 shows)

Paisley Party Tour (40 shows)

Perfectly Clear Acoustic Tour (16 shows)

Star Light Café Tour (20 shows)

Greatest Hits Tour (38 shows)

Picking Up the Pieces Tour (30 shows)