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It Doesn't Hurt Right Now

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(Rodney Crowell)

It doesn't hurt right now
I can breathe again
There's change in the air I can see and hear

It doesn't hurt right now
And I can talk about it
The worst of the shape is the least of my fears


Could you ever see
Just you and me
Alone in this room
Or does he make it three?

I'm sorry sounds so small
Compared to what's true
I lied to myself
When I lied to you

(Rodney Crowell)

It doesn't hurt right now
I can hear what you had to say
I can forgive but forget not yet

It doesn't hurt right now
But we both know it will again
Ghosts of the past based on regret


Needs are like rivers
You can't stop their will
A heart that goes hungry
Demands to be filled
I see that now
I was lonely and I took the bait
But I long to be filled by you, it's never too late

(Rodney Crowell)

It doesn't hurt right now
So what does that say about me
I learned to be known a long time ago
To soften the blow
It doesn't hurt right now


I hurt right now

(Rodney Crowell)

And I know what you want from me


Oh, won't you give it to me

(Rodney Crowell)

I moved out of my heart

(Jewel & Rodney Crowell)

A long time ago


Long time ago
It Doesn't Hurt Right Now
Written byJewel, Rodney Crowell
AlbumsPicking Up the Pieces, 2015

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Flower of Life
“I’ve been a big fan of Rodney’s and we finally got together to write. He came up with that first verse and we liked the idea of this being a mini-play. It’s very theatrical - with a storyline that conveys the aftermath of a woman's affair on a broken relationship devoid of communication. It’s also about the complexities of love and the willingness, courage and ability to engage yourself in it fully or not. I think it’s difficult to do a male-female duet. It’s hard to strike the right note that isn’t just sort of saccharine. But Rodney’s a very deep and thoughtful writer and very interested in truth, so I loved that this wasn’t a typical duet.” Picking Up the Pieces Press Release

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