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Angel Standing By

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Performances (248)

All through the night I'll be standing over you 
All through the night I'll be watching over you 
And through the bad dreams I'll be right there, baby 
Holding your hand, telling you everything is all right 
And when you cry I'll be right there 
Telling you you were never anything less than beautiful 
So don't you worry 
I'm your Angel standing by

Angel Standing By
Written byJewel
Produced byBen Keith
Engineered byJohn Nowland and Tim Mulligan
Assistant EngineerJohn Hausmann
Mixed byGene Eichelberger
Mixed atThe Sound Shop, and The Omni, Nashville, TN
Mastered byTim Mulligan
Mastered atRedwood Digital
MusiciansJewel - Guitar & Vocals
RecordedRedwood Digital at Broken Arrow Ranch, Woodside, CA, 1994
AlbumsPieces of You, 1995
Various Artists collectionsKnock Out 2

     (248 known performances)

Alternate Versions

Angel Standing By
Written byJewel
Produced byJewel
Additional Production byJason Freese
Engineered byKen Halford
Mixed byChris Rowe
Mastered byHank Williams
Mastered atMastermix
AlbumsLullaby, 2009
CollectionsKnock Out 2

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Knock Out 2 (album)