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Concert 2013-04-05 Las Vegas NV

Concert Info
DateFriday, April 5, 2013
CityLas Vegas, NV
VenueOrleans Showroom, Orleans Hotel & Casino
Event2013 ACM Experience, 'Ring Of Fire' event
OtherPromotional event for the Lifetime movie Ring of Fire.


-movie sequence #1
-Jewel Introduction by Cody Alan
-monologue: The Carter Family
  1. Wildwood Flower
    -Q&A with Jewel & John Carter Cash
  2. Storms Are On The Ocean (duet with John Carter Cash)
    -Q&A with Jewel
    -movie sequence #2
    -Q & A continued
    -monologue: Barroom singing with Dad /Kilcher Family
  3. My Father's Daughter
    -Q & A continued
    -movie sequence #3
    -Q & A continued
  4. Ring of Fire
  5. Chime Bells