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Concert 2014-03-21 Nashville TN

Concert Info
DateFriday, March 21, 2014
CityNashville, TN
VenueThe Standard
EventEDA Swanky Soiree
OtherThis was a free invitation only private event for Jewel's fans, known as the EDA Swanky Soiree. The concert was recorded for Jewel's next studio album, which she has referred to as a "bookend to Pieces of You" (which mixed live tracks with studio tracks). The concert was also filmed, but there is no word on whether the footage will be released. The setlist is complete, but may be in an incorrect order.


  1. Everything Breaks
  2. A Boy Needs A Bike
  3. Without You By My Side
  4. Mercy
  5. You Lied
  6. Here When Gone
  7. Nicotine Love
  8. Passing Time
  9. Tiny Love Spaces
  10. His Pleasure Is My Pain
  11. Family Tree
  12. My Father's Daughter
  13. Plain Jane
  14. The Shape of You
  15. Hotel Angel (Moon Over Austin)
  16. Carnivore
  17. I Think I'm Falling
  18. If This Is What Love Is
  19. Love Used To Be
  20. I'm Sensitive