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Cowboy's Lament

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Oh, my angel
Sweet, sweet angel
Come to me swiftly
This night so still
From dawn, dusk comes swiftly
Been gone so long
But your face is so lovely
It makes my faith strong
My hands are unsteady
So far from home
Just tell me, angel
I'm never alone
Lay with me, angel
And speak not a word
Your body so slender
Like the wings of a bird
And fly from me, angel
When you see dawn has come
Be with you, angel
On the wings of a song
(slow yodeling)

Cowboy's Lament
Written byJewel
Produced byJewel
Additional Production byJason Freese
Engineered byKen Halford
Mixed byChris Rowe
Mastered byHank Williams
Mastered atMastermix
AlbumsLullaby, 2009
VideosJewel: The Essential Live Songbook, 2008
OtherThis song has been known by many names, including "Fly To Me Angel," "Angel," and "Angel (Cowboy Waltz)"

     (68 known performances)

Jewel: The Essential Live Songbook (video)