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Goodbye Alice in Wonderland (tabs)

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Goodbye Alice in Wonderland
Tabbed byJessica
Capo2nd Fret
Intro:  C   G   Bm   C

    C           G
Its four in the afternoon
         Bm              C
I'm on a flight leaving LA
C                G
Trying to think about my life
   Bm                          C
My youth scattered along the highway

Am             Em
Hotel rooms in headlights
G                         D
I've made a living with a song
       Am                Em
Just a guitar as my companion
        G                 D
Wanting desperately to be loved

Em       D               G          
Fame is filled with spoiled children
Em        D         G    
They grow fat on fantasy
Em D                    G
I guess that's why I'm leaving
I crave reality


   G   C   D    G   
So goodbye Alice in Wonderland
    C                D
Goodbye yellow brick road
G          C                  D            G
There is a difference between dreaming and pretending
               Em        C
I did not find paradise

It was only a reflection
             G     D
Of my lonely mind wanting
For what was missing in my life

I'm embarassed to say
The rest is a rock and roll cliche
I hit the bottom when i reached the top
Never knew it was you 
Who was breaking my heart
I thought you had to love me
But you did not

Yes, a heart can hallucinate
If its completely stuffed for life
Can even make monsters seem like
Angels from above

Forged my love like a weapon
Turned it against me like a knife
Broke my last heart string
But you opened up my eyes

So goodbye Alice in Wonderland
Goodbye yellow brick road
There is a difference between dreaming and pretending
That was not love in your eyes
It was only a reflection 
Of my lonely mind searching
What was missing in my life


Em                        D
And growing up is not the absence of dreaming
    G                    Am            
Its being able to understand the difference between
    Em                        C                     D
The ones you can hold and the ones that you've been sold
Dreaming is a good thing
Cause it brings new things to life
Pretending is an ending
That perpetuates a lie
Forgetting what you are
C                           D
Seeing for what you've been told

Em   D                 G          Em
Truth is stranger than fiction
        D                   G      Em
This is my chance to get it right
D            G
Life is much better
Without all of those pretty lies