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Hate Hate

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My pussy ain’t weak, can you handle that?
So stop calling men a pussy like that
I don’t need young girls to think
That even their sex organs are weak
So stop saying pussy

And while I’m at it, you can stop saying faggot
It really is time, we really have had it
It takes courage to be alive
And be who you are without apologizing
So stop saying faggot

I hear ladies tras- talking men
Saying that they hate sexism
Well I got a boy, he don’t need to hear that
You think all men are creepy and bad
So stop generalizing

All you liberals in your cafes
Say why is everybody picking on me?
You talk about love and liberty
Then say, “fuck that redneck from Tennessee”
Well stop hating rednecks

Yeah that’s just the trouble, don’t you see
Yeah just that’s the trouble: hypocrisy
I hate you and you hate me
It’s a circlejerk of bigotry

We’re all so stuck on our individuality
We forgot our commonality
Black men don’t eat babies and drag queens don’t bite
Muslims just want someone to hold at night
We all love our children so let’s show them why we must
Start hating hate
Modify message
And objects might appear
Closer in the rear view mirror
But you've gotta let it go
Can you let it go?
Are there any spirits out there
I think I hear them listening
Oh, I think I hear something
I'm gonna love to live again

Ooh, yeah, I'm gonna pull through
Ooh, yeah, I'm gonna pull through
Ooh, sometimes it's the long way around
You gotta get lost
To get found

Sometimes it's the long way around
You gotta get lost
To be found

Hate Hate
Written byJewel