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Haunted (tabs)

Lyrics & Info


Performances (19)

Tabbed byBreAnn S
Capo2nd Fret
4/4 Time, Quarter note = ~72

Notes: 	-She single picks the first verse, then full
	 strums the rest of the song

Chords:	 A7 = 002020   A13 = X04020   A+5 = X03020

	 A = 002220    G = 320033     D = X00232

	 C = X32010

She picks the 1st verse like so: (repeat 4 times)

             A7                     A13
E ----------------------------------------------------
B ----------------------------------------------------
G --0-----0-----0-----0-------------------------------
D --------------------------4-----4-----4-----4-------
A -----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0----
E ----------------------------------------------------

            A+5                      A
E ----------------------------------------------------
B ----------------------------------------------------
G ----------------------------------------------------
D --3-----3-----3-----3-----2-----2-----2-----2-------
A -----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0----
E ----------------------------------------------------

Verse 1:

A7      A13             A+5           A
I will come 2 u in the still of the night

   A7       A13              A+5        A
And I will crush u with the burden of sight

   A7       A13             A+5           A
And u will understand the shadows in my heart

     A7                         A13
The fury of my conviction will cause your heart 2 quicken

     A+5                         A
And then, my dear U will see, u want me here


      G     D
And when u wake up

        A                   A
U will see yourself through my eyes

     G       D
And when u break up

        A                A
You'll understand Why it is I cry

Verse 2:

 A7            A13   A+5                 A
Let me speak quietly so  your heart can hear

A7                    A13                        
I will hypnotize and mesmerize u with the sound  

A+5           A
Of  your own fear



   C                     D
I just wanna get along; this is your song

    A                            A
I wrote it in my head, but the melody's all wrong

           C                D 
And it's driving me crazy, not having u, baby

   A                     A
2 keep me company in my own private world

           C                    D
You're my one true girl, and I won't be stoppin'

        A                                A
Just 'cause your knees are knockin' when I decide 2 drop in

    C                                D       
So don't make a sound,'cause there's no one around

   A                               A
2 come between us now; I'm gonna haunt u, girl

Last Chorus:

G                    D
   When you wake up     you will finally see yourself

 A                                 G
Whoa you will see yourself through my eyes

               D           A
And when you break up, oh, oh, you will realize

Why it is I cry

      A13                A+5           A
I'll come to you in the still of the night

Outro: A7    A13    A+5     A