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Home to Me

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Look at the roof, kinda slanted 
The kind of thing someone takes for granted 
Not me, oh no, you see 
It's a thing of beauty

It may not look like much to you 
But that's okay it does not have to 
I see you stare sometimes glare 
The thing you don't know is there's love in here

A house is more than what you fill it with 
You see, to me, it's the basic human right for dignity and safety 
That's home to me, oh... 
That's home to me, oh...

Stop, rethink, question the things you see 
Know everything on TV in real life has deeper meaning 
A house is not a luxury 
It's more than four walls and a foundation 
It's education, shelter from life's stormy situations

And there but for the grace of God go I 
So I count my blessings every night 
'Cause real strength is staying positive 
That's home to me, oh... 
That's home to me, oh...

It gives me hope to see 
This shelter over me 
I guess this building is really building me 
That's home to me, oh...

Feels like home to me, oh... 
Feels like home, feels like home, feels like home to me

Home to Me
OtherInspired by the winning entries from the ReThink: Why Housing Matters Song Contest
Download available via Soundcloud