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I Don't Care (tabs)

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I Don't Care
Tabbed byJessica
D - Dsus - D                       G
Good-bye baby, I don't think Ill be seeing you again
D - Dsus - D         G
Good-bye baby, well say that were still friends
Even though I know I love nobody else
And even though I know, I say to myself
           C                                                 G      
That this time I'm leaving and I now that were through and I don't love you
                      D - Dsus - D                   G
And that I just don't care

D - Dsus - D                       G
I'm just so tired of being another statistic on TV
D - Dsus - D                           G
The classic case of I love him, but he just don't love me

So this time I'm going to be the one to say it's the end
This time I'm gonna be my own best friend
And I'm going to save some love, some love for myself
     G                                                    D - Dsus - D
I'll kiss you all serious in hell.. and that I just don't care
I don't care

        C                G
So many times, I tried to tell myself
          C                                            G
That this love would work, if I just gave up some more love for myself
C                                           G
I believed if I just quite my crying, you'd start your trying, leave your lying
C                                    G
But I believe if I just walked away, I could say
           D - Dsus - D
I don't care