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He used to walk with Jessica 
Down to the diner 
They'd sit and talk for hours 
About nothin' in particular 
Just bullshit the time away 
That's what she used to say 
She'd wrinkle her nose when she said it 
That's how you know she meant it 

She'd call him at nine a.m. 
To see how sleep had been treatin' him 
And though they were never lovers 
They were soulmates under cover 
They'd drink beer and sit around 
Or just sit still and not make a sound 
And he would shudder to think 
Of what life would be like 
Without his best friend -slash- shrink 

She's an angel at his table 
Forced to feel but not to see 
Blinded by her absence 
Haunted by her memory 
If only you were able to see the angel at your table

He got a phone call 
From her mother 
He said, "Yeah, right stop kidding around." 
He felt his heart fall to the ground 
Since then everyday 
Seems to feel like winter 
Everything is colorless 
As he can't see it with her 

He could easily have been with her 
Driving home in the car 
It was her birthday 
It's sick how things work out that way 
Now at night when he sleeps 
A watch over him she keeps 
She whispers in his ear 
For his heart to hear 

It's amazing how a soul can leave 
Suddenly from a body 
Rendering it useless 
And stealing its desire to breathe 
One moment here then gone 
With no forwarding address 
Love no longer has a house 
Residence in flesh 
Religion without a temple 
No place to take your worship to 
No God for the eyes to see 
No fruit to lay at the feet 
of Jessica 

If only you were able to see 
The angel at your table 
Then you'd understand why 
You never got to say goodbye 
To Jessica 
There's no such word as goodbye 
For Jessica 
She's always standing by 

Written byJewel Kilcher