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Life's a Great Big Mystery Show

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Went downtown just to be a martyr 
but a telephone pole beat me to it 
it was covered in barbed wire 
Saw a little boy's white teeth 
like wild horses encaged by an iron string

Oh god...does not feel good unless he bleeds

And daily crucifixions are hung up on street signs 
they use all sorts of names 
hope they never use mine 
these consonants and vowels 
that cannot scream nor howl 
only just hang around

Oh god...how'd things get so turned around

and in the office building 
9 to 5 goes on trial 
the man is startin' to crack 
but the ceiling stones smile 
and the boss comes in 
to see what fragile things 
his dull and pointless tongue can tear

Oh god...he combed over a bald spot with a bit of hair

Cause everybody needs 
somebody else to blame 
they can't curse themselves 
they take their doctor's name in vain 
they'd rather jump through hoops 
and therapeutic groups 
than in their own minds delve

oh god...why don't we believe in ourselves

I think 
Life is just a movie 
and these 
are folks we really know 
sit back 
enjoy some popcorn 
Life's a great big mystery show

Saw tiny faces that are tattered and torn 
but there's paint upon the mansion that is hardly worn 
I'd like to go inside 
but why I don't know 
as though I could peel the paint 
and feed it to the poor

oh god...can't live like this anymore

my landlord..no... 
my neighbor is as tolerant as a feeding shark 
but they tell me that her bite is much better than her bark 
she goes ramblin' on 
from dusk until dawn 
sayin' I should try bein' like her sometime

oh god...think somethin's died inside her mind


Life's a great big mystery show

Life's a Great Big Mystery Show
Written byJewel Kilcher