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Life Uncommon (US Single)

Life Uncommon (US Single)
Life Uncommon (US Single) cover.jpg
CD Single by
ReleasedOctober 12, 1999
RecordedRecorded at Sony Studios for "Sessions at West 54th"
ProducerArif Mardin
Catalog Number2-84550
OtherHigher Ground for Humanity's Clearwater Project
The people on the earth cannot possibly be healthy if our planet is not healthy- we depend on this planet for our entire sustenance. The alarming decrease in availability of pure, safe water threatens the core of our existence. We cannot survive without the vital resource of water. The problem is now quite advanced in most impoverished areas, and in many of our rivers and oceans. Even in most of our cities we buy bottled water.

The human being has a vital role in the stewardship of our earth and we must awaken more fully to our responsibility. Working together we can all address this problem effectively. We are involved because something can be done.

- Jewel Kilcher & Lenedra Carroll


Life Uncommon (US Single) — CD Single
Title Length
1. Life Uncommon (Live) 4:22