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Memoirs of a Housewife

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I have a secret obsession 
It's totally Tupperware 
My own science project 
Defying wear and tear

I'm jealous of shopping carts 
And all of their brand new things 
I want to fondle their labels 
In hopes one'll rub off on me

'Cause everybody wants to feel brand new 
Like they do

I spend my days indoors 
Doing like ding-dongs do 
Perfectly preserving 
Myself for you

I take things out of their boxes 
Take out my note pad and pen 
Study carefully 
With childlike fascination

'Cause everybody wants to feel brand new 
Like they do

So tell me you want me 
Tell me you need me 
Tell me I'll always be desirable 
Especially to you

Make me feel brand new


Brand spanking clean 
And desirable as homecoming queen

But if I were to bet 
All of the French fries in the world 
That you would say such things 
I would surely be one very hungry girl

I approach china cautiously 
If there's cracks I deny it 
I ingest only perfect things 
Into my visual diet

And at night I undress myself 
In front of your favorite things 
Your brand new hand-tied blue bass fishing lure 
And in the corner your money clip sings

Everybody wants to feel brand new 
Everybody wants to feel brand new 
Like they do 
As they do 
I do too

Memoirs of a Housewife
Written byJewel Kilcher