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Rhapsody Originals

Rhapsody Originals
Rhapsody Originals cover.jpg
CD Single by
ReleasedSeptember 2, 2008
OtherThis live acoustic set was available for listening exclusively from Rhapsody music service.

There's no environment where Jewel sounds more at home than in the corner of some cozy coffee shop, and here she strums away most of the country inflection of Perfectly Clear to recall the big reverb and simple arrangements of her first solo effort. Relying only on barest essentials, the performance magnifies her soft-hitting lyrics -- notice that for her "Stronger Woman" love is both a battlefield and a game -- but when she grunts out a yodel of raw emotion she recalls the charming lass we first fell in love with.

-Nate Cavalieri of Rhapsody


Rhapsody Originals — CD Single
Title Length
1. Stronger Woman    
2. I Do    
3. Loved By You (Cowboy Waltz)    
4. Love Is a Garden