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Rolling Stone Original EP

Rolling Stone Original EP
Rolling Stone Original EP cover.jpg
CD Single by
ReleasedJuly 18, 2006
OtherThis live acoustic set was available for purchase and download exclusively from Rhapsody (now Napster) music service.

Jewel raised the bar for these live acoustic sessions. Sounding warm and inviting, her naked, oh-so-expressive versions of "Again and Again" and the sly charmer "Stephenville, TX" cast the songs in a new (somber, open-hearted) light; the glossier versions on Goodbye Alice pale in comparison. The transformation is breathtaking and serves as a heartfelt reminder of why we fell in love with Jewel in the first place.

-Linda Ryan of Rhapsody


Rolling Stone Original EP — CD Single
Title Length
1. Again and Again (Rolling Stone Original Version) 4:14
2. Good Day (Rolling Stone Original Version) 3:53
3. Stephenville, TX (Rolling Stone Original Version) 3:59
4. Foolish Games (Rolling Stone Original Version) 4:35