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Save the Linoleum (Promo)

Save the Linoleum
Save the Linoleum promo cover.jpg
Promo by
RecordedAll songs recorded at Broken Arrow Ranch except "I'm Sensitive" (Live Version) and "Flower" recorded at Innerchange Coffeehouse.
ProducerBen Keith
OtherSave the Linoleum (Back Cover)


Save the Linoleum — Promotional Release
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. God's Gift to Women (Non LP Track)  Jewel 3:48
2. Intro  Jewel 0:57
3. I'm Sensitive (Live Version)  Jewel 4:02
4. Who Will Save Your Soul (LP Version)  Jewel 4:00
5. Race Car Driver (Non LP Track/Demo Version)  Jewel 4:50
6. Flower (Non LP Track/Live Version)  Jewel 3:33
7. I'm Sensitive (LP Version)  Jewel 2:54

The inside insert of the Save the Linoleum disk is black with white text of the following poem and the cover of Pieces of You in black and white.

Hommage to Home by Jewel Kilcher

For the sweat of my father
and the touch nails that broke his heart
for the sun on our backs and
the water on our brows
the heat on our minds
for the silent miles of dirt roads
Our eyes busy reading the
signs (on the days we took the car)
for bad meals turned good
by hunger, everything beautiful
in the red hot heat of our coal stove
for an honest sleep in
an old bed in an old house
built of hand & log
(had nothing been said all day?)