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Silver Lining (tabs)

Lyrics & Info


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Silver Lining
Tabbed byBreAnn S
Tuning: D A D F# A D

4/4 Time  Tempo = Quarter note ~126 (I think) 

Listen to this song and you'll get the groove...
It's really pretty easy once you get the hang of it.
BTW... You can strum-pick the intro riff stuff...
Just play around with it, 'til it sounds right. 


            Part A                        Part B

     (Quick bend)                 (Quick bend)

Verse Chords:
     D7             G            A

|----0-----|  |-----5----|  |----7----|
|----3-----|  |-----5----|  |----7----|
|----0-----|  |-----5----|  |----7----|
|----0-----|  |-----5----|  |----7----|
|----0-----|  |-----5----|  |----7----|
|----0-----|  |-----5----|  |----7----|

Intro: Play that funky thang up above!

Verse 1:

My muffins are in the toaster 
I got my raspberry jam 
My grandfather was a sailor 
that came onto this land 

and he was looking for gold, 
a pretty hand to hold, 
or some cards to fold. 
At least, that's what I was told. 

Intro riff Part A


Silver Lining 
G                              to intro riff
Silver Lining, where'd you go? 

Verse 2:

Turn on my TV 
They got talking heads in space 
used to be so easy 
to have a little faith 

I used to rely on luck 
To earn an honest buck 
I didn't feel so stuck 
I didn't limp around, like Jon Kruk. 

Intro riff Part A

Repeat Chorus

Whole Intro Riff


I used to have hope 
Now we got soap on a rope 
I used to have dreams 
Now we got overpaid baseball teams 
We got grocery baggers, grafitti taggers, 
golf-ball shaggers, go team go. 

Repeat Intro riff Part A

Repeat Chorus

Whole Intro Riff

Verse 3:

My landlord knocks upon my door 
He's got that payday face 
I swear to God he should be payin me 
To live inside this place 

It's filled with sharks and fins 
whose double chins say 
Thicken your skin, child 
if you want to win 

Intro riff Part A

Repeat Chorus

Intro riff whole thing

Verse 4:

I fix myself some herbal tea 
cause it's healthier they say 
well, healthier ain't half as fun 
I take a cold beer anyday 

I used to have dysfunctional fun 
in the cancerous sun 
with my co-dependent hon 
eatin greasy greasy hotdogs on a buttered up bun 

Intro riff Part A
Repeat Chorus (Play Part A and Chorus twice here)

He ends it on the record with some harmonic
stuff that seems to be on the G, A, and D chords
at the 5th, 7th, & 12th frets...Do what you want 
Standard Tuning Intro. Riff: sounds best fingerpicked

         Part A                     Part B

                                            (1/2 Strum)