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Stronger Woman (tabs)

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Stronger Woman
Tabbed byBreAnn S
Stronger Woman by Jewel (Album Version)
Tabbed by BreAnn S. 

Standard Tuning, No Capo, 4/4 Time, Quarter Note = ~84
Chords: D = X00232   Em7 = 022030   G = 320033   A = X02220
        DMaj7 = X40232  D/B = X20032  D/F# = 20023X
	Bm = X24432  Bm7 = X04432

Intro:  D  Em7  G   A  (repeat)

Verse 1:

    D                     DMaj7
I guess you could say I'm one of those girls
        D/B             D/F#
That's always been with one of those guys
 G                                       A
You know the type; Like right now, he sleeps while I write
           D                     DMaj7
But it's better than crying, I'm worn out from trying
       D/B                    D/F#
From loving a man who always makes it clear
I'm not welcome here
Just when he's horny or hungry, or needs something cleaned

          G                          A
And you know what I mean, But not tonight
        G                 A
'Cause come the morning light, oh

           D   Em7   G              A
I'm gonna love my - self more than anyone else
   D      G  Em7           A
Believe  in  me, even if someone can't see
 D          Em7     G    A
A stronger woman in me
             D     Em7        G
I'm going to be my own best friend
Stick with me till the end
       D      G     Em7       A
Won't lose myself again, never, no,
                    Bm     Bm7
'Cause there's a stronger woman,
     G                  D  Em7  G   A 
A stronger woman in me

Verse 2:

  D                DMaj7
Light bulbs buzz,    I get up
     D/B                       D/F#          G
And head to my drawer, I wish there was more I could say
Another fairytale fades to gray
       D                 DMaj7
I've lived on hope, Just like a child
  D/B               D/F#            G
Walking that mile, Faking that smile
All the while wishing my heart had wings

G                                  A
  Well from right now I'm going to be
      G                                   A
The kind of woman I'd want my daughter to be, oh

Repeat Chorus:  All same except last line as follows...

     G           (Goes directly into Bridge)        
A stronger woman


        Em7                A
This is me, packing up my bags
            Em7                 A
And this is me, headed for the door
            Em7                    A
And this is me, the best you ever had

Repeat Chorus:  All same except below...

(Won't lose myself again, never, no)
                D          Em7   
'Cause there's a stronger woman
     G       A
A stronger woman
                    Bm     Bm7
'Cause there's a stronger woman,
     G                  Intro Pattern   End on D 
A stronger woman in me