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All the Animals

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All the animals agree 
You and me should be a team 
And they walk on parade 
Say that we were made to be a team 
And my heart flutters when you're near 
Oh, longing to hear you call me dear

And all the rainbows 
Say that they know 
We're a perfect pair 
And the clouds up in the sky 
Say they can see it from way up high 
We're a perfect pair 
And my ways weaken beneath your will 
And before you I am trembling and still

All the birds know it 
One and one is two 
All the birds see it 
Tell me why don't you?

And all the light of the sun 
Doesn't help me out none 
‘Cause you still can't see me

All the Animals
Written byJewel
Produced byJewel
Additional Production byJason Freese
Engineered byKen Halford
Mixed byChris Rowe
Mastered byHank Williams
Mastered atMastermix
AlbumsLullaby, 2009