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Concert 1990-07-25 Homer AK

Concert Info
DateWednesday, July 25, 1990
CityHomer, AK
VenueMariner Theater
EventJewel Kilcher Interlochen Tuition Fundraiser
OtherCourtesy The History Project



  1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Jewel Kilcher & Jim Anderson - piano)
  2. Greetings / Monologue (Jim Anderson)

    Set 1: New Directions

  3. Chime Bells (Jewel Kilcher, Atz Kilcher & Suzanne Little)
  4. Sweet 16 Lullabye (Atz Kilcher)
  5. When You Dream (Jewel, Atz & Suzanne)
  6. Love Like This (Jewel, Atz & Suzanne)
  7. Seven Bridges Road (Jewel, Atz & Suzanne)

    Set 2: Nedra Carroll & Jewel Kilcher

  8. Wayfaring Stranger (Nedra & Jewel)
  9. Sheʼll Be Comin 'Round the Mountain (Nedra & Jewel)
  10. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Nedra & Jewel)
  11. I Wonder as I Wander (Nedra & Jewel)

    Set 3: Nedra Carroll

  12. I Been Working On The Railroad (Nedra Carroll)
  13. All Of You (Nedra Carroll)
  14. This Little Bird (Nedra Carroll)

    Set 4: Jim Anderson

  15. Together Love (Jim Anderson & Jewel Kilcher)
  16. New York State of Mind (Jim Anderson)
  17. Like Home (for Jewel) (Jim Anderson)

    Set 5: Jewel Kilcher

  18. Auction Announcements & Introduction (Jim Anderson)
  19. Aknowledgements (Jewel Kilcher)
  20. Swiss Alaskan Yodel (Jewel & Atz Kilcher)
  21. Behind the Wall (Jewel a capella)
  22. Anything Goes (Jewel sings Ella with Ann Rydel-piano)
  23. Itʼs All Right with Me (Jewel sings Ella with Ann Rydel-piano)
  24. I Get a Kick Out of You (Jewel sings Ella with Ann Rydel-piano)
  25. Too Darn Hot (Jewel sings Ella with Ann Rydel-piano)

    --Intermission and Auction--


  26. Obstination (Jewel Kilcher with Anne Rydel-piano)