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Concert 2018-12-14 Albany NY

Concert Info
DateFriday, December 14, 2018
CityAlbany, NY
VenuePalace Theater
TourJewel's Handmade Holiday Tour


  1. Special To Blame (Nikos)
  2. Rain (Atz Lee + Matt Farnsworth on drums)
  3. Little Did He Know (Atz)
  4. The Joys Of Monogamy (Nikos)
  5. Freeze In Your Bed (Atz Lee)
  6. Jaw Harp Jam (Atz, Atz Lee, Nikos & Kase)
  7. Take Time To Find Your Song (Atz, Atz Lee, Nikos & Kase)

  8. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  9. The Christmas Song
  10. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  11. O Holy Night
  12. Ave Maria
  13. Hands
  14. No More Tears
  15. Standing Still
  16. Intuition
  17. Raven
  18. Morning Song
  19. Foolish Games
  20. The Yodeling Death Song (Jewel, Atz Lee, Nikos + Matt Farnsworth on drums)
  21. You Were Meant for Me
    -monologues: Jewel,Christopher Beaver & Atz
  22. Homestead Yodeling Christmas (Jewel & Atz Kilcher)
  23. My Father's Daughter
  24. Silent Night (blues arrangement)
  25. White Christmas
  26. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (everyone)
  27. Who Will Save Your Soul (with the band)