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I'm just a simple girl 
In a high tech digital world 
I really try to understand 
All the powers that rule this land 
They say Miss J's big butt is boss 
Kate Moss can't find a job 
In a world of post modern fad 
What was good now is bad

It's not hard to understand 
Just follow this simple plan

Follow your heart 
Your intuition 
It will lead you in the right direction 
Let go of your mind 
Your Intuition 
It's easy to find 
Just follow your heart baby

You look at me 
but you're not quite sure 
Am I it or could you get more? 
You learn cool from magazines 
You learn love from Charlie Sheen

If you want me let me know 
I promise I won't say no

You got something that you want me to sell 
Sell your sin. Just cash in. 
You got something that you want me to tell 
You'll love me. Wait and see.

If you want me 
Don't play games 
I promise 
it won't be in vain 

Lyrics byJewel
Music byJewel and Lester Mendez
MusiciansPaul Bushnell - Bass
Rusty Anderson - Electric Guitars
Mark Oakley - Acoustic Guitars
Lester Mendez - Keyboards
Mike Bolger - Accordion
Abe Laboriel Jr, Lester Mendez, Greg Collins - Claps
Albums0304, 2003
Greatest Hits, 2013
SinglesIntuition (US Single), 2003
Intuition (CD Maxi Single), 2003
Intuition (Australian Single), 2003
2 Become 1 (Australian Single), 2004
iTunes Originals, 2007
The Greatest Hits Remixed, 2013
Various Artists collections Hear Music: XM Radio Sessions - Volume 1, 2005
VideosJewel: The Essential Live Songbook, 2008

     (358 known performances)

0304 album cover.jpg
Intuition (US Single) cover.jpg
Intuition (CD Maxi Single)
Intuition (Australian Single)
Hear Music: XM Radio Sessions - Volume 1(album)
2 Become 1 (Australian Single)
iTunes Originals
Jewel: The Essential Live Songbook (video)
Greatest Hits album cover.jpg
The Greatest Hits Remixed