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iTunes Originals

iTunes Originals
ITunes Originals cover.jpg
CD Single by
ReleasedOctober 1, 2007
OtherJoined by an acoustic guitar and a good memory, Jewel escorts listeners on a listening tour through her musical highlights. The hits are here ("I Was Meant for You," "Who Will Save Your Soul," "Hands," "Intuition") as well as a few spoken word pieces ("Bukowski's Widow," "You Tell Me"). Learn all about her thoughts on yodeling for attention, writing for creative survival, her love life, the three-year break after the Spirit album, and the lost humor of the tongue-in-cheek "Intuition" video.


iTunes Originals — CD Single
Title Length
1. iTunes Originals   0:04
2. Again and Again   3:56
3. Homer Alaska (Interview) 2:46
4. Who Will Save Your Soul (iTunes Originals Version) 4:23
5. You Were Meant for Me   4:12
6. I'm a Folk Artist Really (Interview) 0:58
7. Chime Bells (iTunes Originals Version) 1:54
8. Poetry Explores the Human Heart (Interview) 2:16
9. You Tell Me (Spoken Word) 0:36
10. Hands (iTunes Originals Version) 3:40
11. Falling In Love (Interview) 3:13
12. Break Me (iTunes Originals Version) 4:08
13. Serve the Ego   4:58
14. An Old Style Lyric Against a Modern Sound (Interview) 2:19
15. Intuition (iTunes Originals Version) 3:04
16. Maybe People Never Did Get the Joke (Interview) 2:54
17. Fragile Heart   3:33
18. A Bookend to "Pieces of You" (Interview) 2:23
19. Goodbye Alice in Wonderland   5:52
20. Stephenville, TX (iTunes Originals Version) 3:52
21. I Think I'll Always Write (Interview) 2:41
22. Bukowski's Widow (Spoken Word) 1:07
23. Good Day (iTunes Originals Version) 3:33