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Concert 2019-08-05 Homer AK

Concert Info
DateMonday, August 5, 2019
CityHomer, AK
VenueDown East Saloon, Outdoor Stage
EventJewel + Family & Friends
MusiciansJewel - Guitar & Vocals
Atz Kilcher - Guitar & Vocals
Atz Lee Kilcher - Bass & Vocals
Mossy Kilcher - Guitar & Vocals
Steve Poltz - Guitar & Vocals
Zac Brown - Guitar & Vocals
Nikos Kilcher - Guitar & Vocals
Kase Townes Murray - Jaw Harp & Vocals


  1. Stage Banter/Song Intro (Jewel & Atz)
  2. There Is No Weak Link in This Human Chain (Atz & Atz Lee)
    Jewel Introduction
  3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  4. Hands
  5. Life Uncommon
  6. Little Sister
  7. My Father's Daughter
    Kase Introduction
  8. Jaw Harp Jam (Jewel, Atz Lee, Nikos, & Kase)
    Steve Poltz Introduction (Jewel & Steve Poltz)
  9. Ballin' on a Wednesday (Steve Poltz)
    Monologue (Steve Poltz)
  10. I Want All My Friends to Be Happy (Steve Poltz)
    Mexico Drug Bust Monologue (Jewel & Steve Poltz)
  11. You Were Meant for Me (with Steve Poltz)
  12. Intuition
  13. Chime Bells
  14. Yo (Jewel & Atz)
    Mossy Kilcher Introduction (Jewel & Mossy)
  15. Daydream Land (Mossy & Kase)
  16. Long Road of Life (Mossy)
  17. Foolish Games
    Yodeling Death Song preparation (Jewel, Atz Lee, & Nikos)
  18. Yodeling Death Song (part 1) (Jewel, Atz Lee, & Nikos)
  19. Emergency**/Lights Are Bright in Alaska (Jewel)
  20. Yodeling Death Song (part 2) (Jewel, Atz Lee, & Nikos)
  21. Who Will Save Your Soul
    Zac Brown Introduction
  22. Cover Me Up (Jewel & Zac Brown)
  23. Sweet Annie (Jewel & Zac Brown)
  24. It's the Whiskey That Eases the Pain (Zac Brown)
  25. All the Best (Zac Brown)
  26. You're the Luckiest Man (Zac Brown)
  27. The Muse (Zac Brown)
    Talk and Noodling (Zac Brown)
  28. Colder Weather (Jewel & Zac Brown)
    Thank Yous/Stage banter
  29. Love Is a Rose (Jewel, Steve Poltz & Zac Brown)

** 6+ minutes into the Yodeling Death Song, someone in the audience was having seizures! They stopped playing to alert medics, who were fortunately in the audience, and the person was OK within a minute. Atz Lee began a jazzy walking bass line and Jewel started singing "Lights Are Bright in Alaska" while things got sorted out, before continuing into the remainder of the song. Yikes!