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Fat Boy

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Fat boy goes to the pool 
Sees his reflection, doesn't know what to do 
He feels little inside 
And filled with pride 
Oh, fragile flame 
No one sees the same

Fat boy goes about his day 
Trying to think of funny things to say 
Like, "this is just a game I play" 
And, "I like me this way" 
Oh, fragile flame 
No one feels the same

Hush, sleep 
Don't think, just eat 
You're daddy's little boy 
You're mama's pride and joy 
You know they love you 
But not because they hold you

Fat boy says, "Wouldn't it be nice 
if I could melt myself like ice or 
outrun my skin just to be pure wind" 
Oh, fragile flame 
Sometimes I feel the same

Fat Boy
Written byJewel
Produced byPatrick Leonard
Engineered byRoss Hogarth
Mixed byRoss Hogarth
Mixed atOceanway, Hollywood, CA
MusiciansJewel - Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
RecordedGroove Masters, Santa Monica, CA
AlbumsSpirit, 1998
SinglesDown So Long (UK Single), 1999
Down So Long (Japanese Single), 1999
PromosThe Best of Jewel Unedited (DVD), 2005

Spirit (album)
Down So Long (UK Single) cover.jpg
Down So Long (Japanese Single) cover.jpg
The Best of Jewel Unedited DVD (Promo)