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Long Gone Daddy

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Oh, daddy, I'm coming home to stay 
And I swear that I'll never go away 
I've long forgotten the cruelty of yesterday 
And since forgiven all the things you cannot say 
Like I love you 
I know you do 
Good night

Love is not such an elusive thing 
Most people try to make it come 
But I can't just make mine leave 
And I've long given up 
Trying to figure out 
Why when most loves whisper, 
This one seems to shout 
I love you 
I know you do 
Good night

So turn over and turn out the light 
You're a worn out old daddy 
But you're mine tonight 
Friends all say 
I'm crazy to love you 
But they don't see 
All the sweet little things you do 
I know you do 
Good night

Long Gone Daddy