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She Cries

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Time passes quickly for our lady of the hour 
She brushes her long blonde hair 
From her face only to find a tear 
But she don’t know why she’s been crying

She looks inside herself 
To maybe find an answer 
But she’s willingly distracted 
By the man who like’s her glitter 
She says, "fool, I ain’t gold."

She don’t even know she cries cuz she’s so tangled up in lies

In her head she plays a game 
Pretending that she’s not the same lady who is cheating on her husband 
With a man she hardly even knows 
She says, "ignorance is bliss."

But when he asks her name 
She must fumble for an answer 
She’s been called so many 
But now she can’t remember 
So she just makes up another

And she don’t even know she cries cuz she’s so tangled up in lies

Now the dirty deed is done 
She heads into the bathroom 
She washes her hands in the sink 
And thinks it could clean her conscience 
If only she could find one

And slowly she turns and heads 
For the door as if this were all a dream 
She has seen her sweet husband’s face 
But only like a fleeting glimse 
Of all those bridges she’s been burning 
All those bridges she’s been burning

And she don’t even know she cries 
It should come as no surprise 
Cuz she’s so tangled up in lies

She Cries
Written byJewel
PromosShiva Diva Doo Wop, 1994

Shiva Diva Doo Wop (Promo)