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Shiva Diva Doo Wop (Promo)

Shiva Diva Doo Wop
Shiva Diva Doo Wop promo cover.jpg
Promo by
Released1994 (US)

EDA Cristian Louvier sent the above sketch in with the following description:
Jewel drew this inside the Jcard after being asked to draw a "wolf drinking iced tea in the Alaskan wilderness" at Java Joes years and years ago. It is indeed 100% authentic, thought it could be interesting for your site :-)

Shiva Diva Doo Wop is an "official" bootleg recording Jewel distributed herself prior to her album being released. The cover is an excellent sketch by Jewel. Available on cassette only. Only a limited number of these were made, are are most likely no longer available.


Shiva Diva Doo Wop — Promotional Release
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. 1,000 Miles Away  Jewel  
2. She Cries  Jewel  
3. Painters  Jewel  
4. My Own Private God's Gift to Women  Jewel