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Where You Are

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I called you late last night 
Said you did not feel like talking, 
Had to blow off a little bit of steam 
Said you were tired of feeling so uptight 
You make me so blue, 
And I get so lost inside of you 
That I cannot always find my way 
To where you are

Oh, used to be so easy, 
Used to be so much fun 
You said, yeah, well that was back 
when you believed in my love 
But that things are not so simple now 
You said I've turned out the light somehow 
And in darkness you cannot always find your way 
To where I am

Please don't turn your eyes from me 
Cause if you did 
I would no longer be able to see 
Please, can't you see I need you 
I am a princess locked in a stone tower of song 
Writing messages on the wind 
Oh, baby, I just want to belong 
Choose me, Choose me 
Pick me, take me 
I need to believe that no one else exists for you 
And no one else exists for me 
Oh, you are my home 
I have finally found my way 

Where You Are
Written byJewel
Produced byRob Cavallo and Jewel
RecordedRecorded by Doug McKean at El Dorado Studios, Burbank, CA
AlbumsGoodbye Alice in Wonderland, 2006
VideosJewel: The Essential Live Songbook, 2008

     (13 known performances)

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Jewel: The Essential Live Songbook (video)