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Concert 1996-07-18 Bearsville NY

Concert Info
DateThursday, July 18, 1996
CityBearsville, NY
VenueBearsville Theater
OtherThe band's set was left off of the Angelfood distributed to the EDA's


  1. Introduction
  2. Poetry Readings:
    God Knows What Time It Is
    Haunted By 2 Lips At 3 AM
    Sun Bathing
    I Guess What I Wanted
    Taking the Slave
    Lost, Alone, Fear, Desperation, Hope & Grace
    I Am Not From Here
    As A Child I Walked
  3. Don't
  4. 1,000 Miles Away
  5. Angel Needs A Ride
  6. My Fish Family
  7. Studies in Love #12 (now known as Perfectly Clear)
  8. Face of Love (duet with Lenedra Carroll)
  9. This Little Bird (Lenedra acapella)
  10. Louisa and Her Blue Guitar
  11. His Pleasure Is My Pain
  12. All the Animals
  13. Tiny Love Spaces
  14. Memoirs of a Housewife
    Band Set:
  15. Satellite
  16. Fragile Heart (II)
  17. Fading
  18. Tough Girl
  19. Carnivore
    Band leaves
  20. Fragile Flame (now known as Fat Boy)
  21. Cold Song
  22. Run Tonto Run
  23. Grey Matter
  24. Hotel Angel (Moon Over Austin)
  25. Innocence Maintained
    First Encore:
  26. Nikos
  27. Amen
    Second Encore:
  28. Sometimes It Be That Way
  29. You're So Small
  30. Nicotine Love