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Concert 2011-04-17 McKinney TX

Concert Info
DateSunday, April 17, 2011
CityMcKinney, TX
VenueMcKinney Performing Arts Center
EventEDA Texfest
RecordingsTexfest 2011 EDA Concert


  1. Does Anyone Believe in Love Anymore
    TLS intro
  2. Tiny Love Spaces
    ATA Intro
  3. All the Animals
    chatting with EDAs
  4. Carnivore
  5. Here When Gone
  6. Enter from the East
    chatting with EDAs
  7. Absence of Fear
    chatting with EDAs
  8. Kiss the Flame
    WGITW intro
  9. Words Get in the Way
    RG intro
  10. Rocker Girl
  11. Money
    MGD intro
  12. Mary's Getaway Driver
  13. Louisa and Her Blue Guitar
  14. Marital Carnival
    MOAH intro
  15. Memoirs of a Housewife
    Monologue about Alan->
    SSWU Intro
  16. See Sassy Wake Up
  17. My Fish Family
    online Q&A
  18. Everyone Needs Someone to Love
  19. Sara Swan Sleepy Head
    Introducing Patrick Davis
  20. Just Like Penguins Do
    PD - song intro
  21. Patrick Davis - Summer In The South
    PD - monologue
  22. Patrick Davis- Numbers
    Gifts from Jewel
    Alan Intros Dave
    EDA Gift Presentation
    Painters Intro
  23. Painters
  24. Nicotine Love
  25. 1,000 Miles Away
  26. Perfectly Clear
    monologue about West->
    EDA Yearbook Photo 1
  27. Rosey & Mick
  28. The Shape of You
    EDA Yearbook Photo 2
  29. Adrian
  30. Break Me
  31. Life Uncommon
  32. Amen
  33. Angel Standing By
  34. Chime Bells (On guitar)